The Power Of Thanksgiving


Scripture For Meditation: John 6:1-14; John 11:28-37


For some of us, the period leading to the end of the year is sometimes the least likely for us to be in a thankful mood.


We get so consumed or overwhelmed by the expenses that invariably come with the season and maybe contrast these against the backdrop of unfulfilled
expectations and disappointments of the outgoing year, and wonder if there is anything really to be thankful for.


On this first day of our fasting, we would do well to begin by writing down some of the things that God has done in our lives / families over the months;
let’s count and name our blessings as a testament of God’s faithfulness.


Let’s acknowledge His goodness to us and honour Him with the fruit of our lips.


In the first scripture that we read, our Lord Jesus was faced with a situation of abject lack in the midst of a great need. He could have focused on
and complained about the insufficiency of the available resources to meet the pressing need; He instead received what was available and with thanksgiving
unto God, a miracle of multiplication was released.


And then in the second scripture, He was faced with the problem of the finality of death in the form of the now decomposed body of long dead Lazarus.
Again, with thanksgiving unto God, the grave yielded up its captive occupant and life responded to the sacrifice of thanksgiving.

However your year may have been, there are things that you can thank God for today, that will be the point of reference for what God is about to do,
and a point of contact for your miracle!


Where there had been lack or barrenness in your life; in whatever areas your destiny has been arrested or entombed by the cloak of darkness, your sacrifice
of thanksgiving will today exalt Jehovah above every issue and enthrone Him as the final Word in your situation. In the mighty Name Of Jesus, poverty
and lack will give room to abundance and overflow; death and decay will give room for life and fruitfulness to reign.


“And Jesus lifted up His eyes and said, “Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. And I know that You always hear Me…”


Lift up your hands in thanksgiving; lift up your voice in praise. Declare His faithfulness, sing of His goodness and recount His loving kindness towards
you and your household. Appreciate Him and acknowledge His favourable dealings with you; speak well of Him and bless His holy Name. Amen.


Pastor Wale Ola