Scripture For Meditation — Matt 17:14-21


Have you ever tried and failed at anything before in your life? Have you ever done anything that you’ve put your best efforts in and not got the results
that you hoped and laboured for?


If one lives for any length of time on this side of eternity, failure is a reality that we will all experience on one level or the other.


No matter how smart, gifted, connected, knowledgable, anointed or how well resourced you are, you will at some point, encounter a situation that will
leave you stumped. Maybe you are even going through such a situation right now, as you read this — Maybe failure is staring you right in
the face, mocking your best efforts and making nonsense of your hard work and even concerted prayers!


In our scripture verses today, the disciples had just experienced the embarrassment of a failed attempt at ministry, as they were unable (no doubt
in spite of their best efforts) to give relief to the epileptic son of a disappointed and distraught father, who has now brought his case to Jesus
in desperation.


After a rebuke directed at the disciples, Jesus asked for the boy to be brought to Him, rebuked the foul spirit that had taken hold of the boy, and
promptly healed him of his malaise.


The disciples wondering why they had failed at their attempt at ministering to the boy, got a brief lesson that we will do well to learn from ourselves—Jesus
told them why they had failed as they did:


  1. 1. Matt 17:20 — Because of Unbelief

  2. Do you really believe that God can do what you are looking to Him to do in your life or situation, or are you simply going through the motion
    hoping that something happens for you? Are you stepping out in faith to confront that problem or are you merely “hoping and praying” like some
  4. 2. Matt 17:21 — A Different Kind Of Effort Needed — Prayer and Fasting.

  5. This I think, is one of the most poignant reminders to New Testament believers, about the efficacy of the combined discipline of prayer and
    fasting in dealing with the “stubborn”, unyielding issues or problems that we may be faced with in life or ministry.

Jesus prayed and fasted; He categorically said to the disciples, that there are some kinds of issues we will be confronted with, which can only be
dealt with in the place of prayer combined with fasting.


If you need any incentive to fast (apart from the primary benefit of the intimacy with and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that it engenders), that
is it right there!


Prayer Focus

Do you have any “stubborn and unyielding” problems that you are experiencing in your life right now? List them one by one and bring them before the
throne of Grace today.


As Jesus has said concerning the power in fasting and prayers, your faith should go up a notch over this period of your fasting, as you believe and
expect that there will be a shifting and resolution of all those issues over the next few days!


Come with boldness and in faith as you wait on the Lord in fasting over this period; cry out to Him in Prayers, trusting that He will respond to your
prayer of faith as He honours His word in Your life in the Name Of Jesus.


Pray for God to turn the failures in your life to victory in the precious Name Of Jesus.


Ask Him to turn every embarrassment and shame in your life into occasions of praise and glory to His Name!


Every Blessing,


Pastor Wale Ola