Scripture Reading For Today — Hebrews 4:16; 2Cor 5:17


Today’s blog title (IFTTT) is one of the biggest trending concepts / buzz words in computing and information technology right now.


IFTTT, powerfully captures the principle behind what we have been reading over the past two days in our scripture text (Isaiah 58:1-15).


Meditating on that scripture, the Holy Spirit brought the concept of IFTTT strongly to my mind to reinforce what I hope will be our takeaway from
the text.


IFTTT (pronounced “ift”; like “gift” without the “g”), is an acronym for the phrase “If This, Then That”.


Please pardon me as I attempt a somewhat nerdy explanation of IFTTT. I hope it ministers to you the way it did to me (well, at least now, you can let some Millenials know that you understand their trending language too!)


In a very simplistic explanation of the term, IFTTT is a series of events that are programmed to automatically occur, when some predetermined conditions
are met.


The “This” in “If This, Then That” stands for a trigger, while the “That” stands for an action. These
two linked events create what is called an IFTTT recipe.


In other words, it means that:


If This event “the trigger” happens,


That” action —  “A Specified Outcome”, must automatically take place! (Meaning, “That” event —  the
recipe or desired outcome is guaranteed to automatically happen, if “This“, the triggering event is initiated).


I sincerely apologise if my techno-babble has got you in a twist as you read that, but that was essentially the gist of what God was saying to Israel through
the text that we read yesterday, and what the Holy Spirit is saying to us today— Isaiah 58:7-15 has a few “If This, Then That” promises
that God spoke in relation to fasting and prayers.


As a matter of fact, many of the personal prophecies that God has spoken concerning us, are conditional, and are contingent on some acts of obedience or
some things happening, before we can claim those promises.


From the text, the ultimate, overriding recipe that God promises will occur when we fast and pray the way He prescribes, is answered prayers!


He promises that:


“You shall call and the Lord shall answer, you shall cry and He will say here I am” (Isa 58:9)


The following verses then continue with a few “if this” then “that” statements guaranteeing what this promise of “answered prayers” will look like
(You should read these again in Is 55:9-15, and also the 14 point recipes that were listed at the end of yesterday’s devotional)



And Now, For The Good News…


Even though the promises in Isaiah 58 are coded in IFTTT protocol, there is a higher and more powerful IFTTT protocol that is in place for
believers, that overrides the limitation of access to those promises —


It is the protocol of grace that we have in Christ Jesus!


Grace speaks like this:


If This, “any man is in Christ Jesus”,



That — “old things are passed away and all things are become new”!


If we, through the blood of Jesus Christ have come to the saving knowledge of the redeeming works of Christ on Calvary’s Cross, then those 14 recipes
or promises must happen in our lives! They are a representation or the expression of our covenant heritage in Christ Jesus!


Friend, The Grace IFTTT protocol means that prosperity, healing, deliverance, Joy, peace, fruitfulness, victory and all the other ramifications
of abundant life in Christ Jesus, have been hard coded and guaranteed as the recipe or consequence of your Salvation!


In as much as we should and will endeavour to fulfill the “if this” requirements of fasting which are in any case a necessary component
of our Christian obligations, our enjoyment of God’s presence and answers to our prayers will be enhanced, but definitely not limited to our performance
of those works! (Thank God for His awesome grace)


That is why God wanted us to wait till we are reminded of this truth, before we pray on those points that were raised yesterday.


Prayer Focus

Let’s revisit the list from yesterday’s devotional, and claim each one of those 14 promises (recipes) in prayer, not based on our works, but based
on the completed works of Christ for us on the Cross of Calvary. (See link below)


This is how we shall continue to pray from now till the end of this fasting period; it is our cry to God to show us His glory! And this He will do,
as we cry out to Him in faith, in the precious Name of Jesus. (Please Click here for list) 


“You shall call and the Lord shall answer, you shall cry and He will say here I am” (Isa 58:9)



Pastor Wale Ola