Scripture Reading — 2 Corinthians 3:17-18

You could have looked through the prayer points in our prayer Focus over the past two weeks, and wonder when we will start “bombarding the gates of heaven” and doing some “real, hardcore warfare prayers” to shift some things and pray down the breakthroughs!

When we started our fast, we probably each had a bucket list of things that we are believing God for; things that we hope or need to happen in our lives or situations to make our lives better.

However, a salient truth about fasting that we sometimes lose sight of, is that fasting is not just about changing your situation for the better, but about being changed to be better.

Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong about fasting for breakthroughs in prayer, we nevertheless, ought to also have as our utmost goal, the desire to be changed to be more Christlike in nature, to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and to become more holy to accommodate God’s presence in a deeper and more intimate dimension — That could be the “higher level” that God wants to take you in this season.

A ‘New Level’ often means change!

Not just a change in your situation, but essentially a change in you — A change in your attitude, disposition, mindset will have to happen before the change in level eventually occurs!

What this change means —

  • Movement – you can’t continue to stay static hoping or waiting for something to happen; you have to be willing to take a step of faith and move forward with the word that God gave to you.
  • Temporary dislocation / discomfort
  • Pain / aloneness
  • Another Level Of Sacrifice / submission
  • Another level of commitment
  • Like Noah, Another Level Of Obedience
  • Like Moses – Giving Up Your Comfort zone (Moses had to trade the comforts of Pharaoh’s palace for the harshness of the wilderness)
  • Like Solomon – Another Level Of Giving
  • Like Jacob – Confrontation with your past (esau) to rescue your future.
  • Like Joseph – God sometimes takes you one level up by first taking you a level down.
  • And like it did for David, the step up to that next level could mean Another Level of boldness and courage to fight the lion and the bear and to confront Goliath in battle.

Are you still ready to take that step up to that next level?


Prayer Focus

Ask God to show you where you need to change / what needs to change in your life in order for you to step up to your next level up.


Pray to Him to give you the grace to accept what needs to change and the strength to go through with it.


Go and slay those giants and take your land of promise in Jesus’ Name.



Pastor Wale Ola