Dare To Believe!

Scriptures For Meditation — Gen 15:1-21; Gen 17:1-22; Heb 6:11-15


As Good As It Gets…

Yesterday, we spoke about expectations and how we needed to be excited and expectant about what we are sure God is about to do in our lives.

The truth however, is that many people after waiting and hoping for a while without the manifestation of that which was hoped for, begin to lose heart — they get to a place where it is: “No thank you; not another prayer meeting; not another prophecy; not another “word of encouragement” or maybe in your case, it is “Oh no, not another retreat”.

As the bible says in Pro 13:12 , 

“Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.” MSG

I pray that this is your moment to experience that “sudden good break” that will turn your life around!

Oh that you would bless Ishmael…

There was a man in the bible that you might have heard about; Abraham was his name. He is known as the father of faith. But with all that said about Abraham, he also had to deal with the problem of delayed expectations and disappointed hope like the rest of us, and how that may sometimes cause us to give up on our vision or God’s best for our lives, to settle for less.

But God, in trying to get Abraham to see a vision of the future that He had purposed for him, had previously said to Abraham — Look now towards heaven…so shall thy seed be.

“Then He brought him outside and said, “Look now toward heaven, and count the stars if you are able to number them.” And He said to him, “So shall your descendants be.” And he believed in the LORD, and He accounted it to him for righteousness. Gen 15:5-6

In that dialogue with God, the scripture also tells us that Abraham believed God and even asked for a proof of God’s fidelity, and God obliged with a covenant.

But then in Chapter 16 after waiting without seeing the promise fulfilled, Abraham and his wife Sarah went DIY and brought forth Ishmael.

By the time we get to the next chapter a few years later, Abraham was trying to convince God that Ishmael was good enough for him — he had settled for Ishmael as the best that he thought he could get, and wouldn’t even allow himself to accept God’s declaration about something better — Isaac. (Gen 17:15-18)

Maybe like Abraham, you also have gotten to the stage where you cannot bring yourself to accept or believe that God can do what He had said He would do or that you can dare to believe Him for more than you have ever thought possible.

What have you settled for that is not God’s best for your life or is out of agreement with the destiny that He has ordained for you? What is the Ishmael in your life that you are convincing yourself is as good as, or maybe even better than the Isaac that you don’t yet have?

This retreat is an opportunity for you to allow God to rekindle that dream again; to allow that vision to receive the spark of life again; time to allow God to be God in your life!

Are you ready to let go of Ishmael so that Isaac might be released into your life?


Prayer Focus

Meditate on the prophecies that have been spoken over your life and on the promises of God in His word concerning you. You can also meditate on those things that you wrote down yesterday as your expectations.

  1. Pray that YOU will have an encounter with God and will experience the power of God to heal, save and to deliver you.
  2. Pray for God’s presence and power to be tangibly manifest in our midst.
  3. Pray that God will give utterance to the ministers and confirm His words with signs and wonders following.
  4. Pray that every aspect of the retreat will be soaked in the power and under influence of the Holy Spirit (attendees, travel, food, safety, meetings, etc)
  5. Pray that there will be an atmosphere of faith and Liberty of the Holy Spirit to work miracles, signs and wonders.

May God bless you and exceed your expectations in the precious Name of Jesus. Amen.


Pastor Wale Ola

We’ll be praying corporately every night over the 7 days of fasting.
Please join us again online for prayers tonight, between 7.30pm and 8.00pm (UK Time)




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