Power Show

Scriptures For Meditation – Acts 1:8; Eph 3:20, Col 1:13

We have indirectly talked about a very important word over the past few days of our fasting meditation and prayers; that word is INFLUENCE.
We talked about how strongholds exert demonic influences over people and their destinies, and also about how negative words and pronouncements can have disruptive influences that hinder our progress or advancement in life.
Today, God will have us meditate on another kind of influence — Heaven’s Influence.
Let’s start by looking at the definition of that word “influence”.

Influence — The capacity or the power to change or affect someone or something : the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen. : a person or thing that affects someone or something in an important way.

When we talk about Heaven’s Influence, we are talking about the capacity or the power of God working in and through us, to bring change in someone or to something.
Heaven’s influence is the authority of Christ manifesting in the life of a believer to bring the power of God’s presence to bear in a situation or in a place, producing the desired change!

Hell’s Gates Defeated!

In Matt 16:18, Jesus said:
I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it
Many times when we read Matt 16:18, we tend to interpret it from a purely defensive perspective, with a defensive mindset.
We see here however, that the reference to gates and authority of the believer is not just for defence, but also for advancement and offense!
In effect, the scriptures we are meditating on today, are saying to us  — Go therefore in this power and authority that you have in Christ Jesus, and the gates of hell will not hinder nor be able to influence or resist your progress!
They are saying to us that we are now Under New Management — removed from the molestation of demonic influences in everything that pertains to our lives and destinies, and have been brought under the dominion of heaven’s influence! Hallelujah!


Prayer Focus

  • Let’s begin by praying for GLA LIGHTHOUSE — that the ministry in every ramification be brought under Heaven’s Influence, and subject only, to the dominion of the power of the Almighty God.
  • Pray also, that the manifestation of Heaven’s Influence will begin to change every situation that is not in conformity with the will, plans, purpose or agenda of God, to align with God’s counsel for us.

Pray the same prayer for yourself and your family. 

  • Pray that our homes, marriages, businesses, job, children, ministries, etc, be brought under heaven’s influence.
  • Pray that Heaven’s Influence will begin to manifest tangibly in every area of your life  –
  • Declare and Confess that this church, your life and destiny are now under new management – Prophesy and declare the change that you are believing God for, in every area that you(we) need divine intervention in the church and in your life / family, in Jesus’s Name .
Pastor Wale Ola