Influenced For Change

Scriptures For Meditation – Jeremiah 1:4-10; Matthew 18:18-20

Following on from the topic of our mediation over the past two days, we will be continuing in the same vein by talking about the operation of influences in the life of a believer.

Three Kinds Of Influences

There are three kinds of influences that may operate in a person’s life.

  1. We talked about the first kind of influence earlier on, when we spoke about strongholds, and how they can exert demonic influences over people’s lives to hinder them.
  2. Then we talked about a second kind of influence; Heaven’s Influence —The consequence of the glory of God imparting His divine power to influence the life of a believer.
  3. Lastly, we spoke yesterday about sphere of influence, which is the consequence or the operation of God’s divine influence on a person’s life, to enable them to fulfil His call upon their lives in the place of the appointment, to fulfil the “Great Commission”.


The Enemy’s Strategy

The enemy’s main strategy is to enforce the first influence (demonic strongholds), in order to limit or prevent you from succeeding in your sphere of influence.

To do this, he will attempt to:

  • Stop the resources from getting to you that you need to carry out your assignment
  • Stop you from getting into your sphere of influence or the place of your assignment
  • Limit your influence and your capacity to be effective, even if you do manage to get there. This he does through contention, strife, Jealousy, disfavour, misrepresentation, racism, bullying, opposition, lack of recognition or commendation for work done, and other negative acts designed to obstruct, discourage and intimidate you. 
  • Ultimately, attempt to frustrate your purpose and disrupt your destiny.
Can you recognise any of these strategies confronting you and working against your progress?


Prayer Focus

  • Yesterday we prayed for the manifestation of God’s glory and His divine influence in our lives; today, we will be pressing through, coming against every demonic influence, calling forth God’s Influence and finally releasing all that we need to operate and prosper in our spheres of influence.
  • Pray to block and destroy every gateway through which the enemy has, has had, or plans to have influence in your life; Forbid Him access to your life, and command an end to his influence over your family, church, career, ministry and your destiny in Jesus’s Name.  
  • Forbid him from hindering the fulfilment of God’s agenda or plans for your life.
  • Pray against every one of the enemy’s strategies highlighted above, and declare the opposite of what his plans are, concerning your life, Church, family, etc. 


Pastor Wale Ola