Divine Alignment

Scripture Reading: Eph 1:3-12; Col 1:13

About this time two years ago, when we were waiting on the Lord for directions and a word for the new year, the Holy Spirit impressed a picture in my mind, where I saw a huge, funnel-like apparatus reaching down from heaven, with a stream of water being poured into it from above.

Down on the earth, placed below the funnel, was a bucket positioned to collect the water flowing through the funnel.

As I looked more closely at the sight, I realised that the funnel had become slightly bent off-square; but as little as that bend was, it was enough to ensure that the water from the funnel missed the bucket and ended up instead on the ground around the bucket.

As I looked on, I believe the Holy Spirit amplified two words in my spirit: DIVINE ALIGNMENT.

This is the focus of our meditation today. In reality, that word can actually be said to always be a “now word” from God to us.

Done Deal

As we read earlier, (Col 1:13 and Eph 1:3), God has already done His bit to deliver us and to bless us; however, the experiences of our daily living if we are to be honest, are sometimes far removed from that reality.
But as God was impressing in my spirit in that vision, every day of our lives ought to be an opportunity for us to walk in the fullness of the reality of the completed works of Christ on the cross of Calvary, by aligning our vessels with the funnel of God’s blessings that He has reached down over us from heaven.
Dear friend, please take a close look at your life —
Maybe you are struggling right now over an issue or in an area where God has already sorted out your provision and released the resource that you think is lacking in your life and are believing Him for.
Maybe in spite of the promise and prophetic word over your life concerning that situation, you are only seeing trickles that come in dribs and drabs instead of the stream of abundance that you know and believe God has spoken.

Maybe this is happening, not because the provision has not been released (or is not being released), but because your bucket or container is out of alignment with the funnel of God’s blessing being poured out for you?

I say again to you prophetically — His word for you today is — Divine Alignment!

Prayer Focus

It is time for you to speak into every area of your life, family, church, Career, ministry, destiny, to come into alignment with God’s plans. It is time to command your season to align with God’s agenda for your destiny!

Whatever is out of place, whatever is out of sync must begin to fully align with God’s perfect will and purposes. That bucket must align with the flow of provision that God has already released over you.
Divine Leading: As the bible tells us,
“The footsteps of the righteous are ordered by God”; and that “As many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.”


Cry out to God today — Order my steps Oh Lord; constrain my steps and the steps of my helpers to be at the right place at the right time for my benefit.

Let the needs in my life align with the provisions that You have made available for me.

Divine Positioning: Locate me in the place of my breakthrough; let my miracle locate me at the point of my need.

Divine Alignment: Command every area of your life and every day of the coming year to come into alignment with God’s plans for you in in Jesus’s Name.

Pastor Wale Ola