An Obstacle To Overcome

Scriptures For Meditation — 2Cor 4:1-4; Col 1:13

Yesterday, we looked into the heart of the Father to see a heart that is relentless in the pursuit of sinners, not to punish them, but to love them into becoming His children.

As was said also, we have been enlisted as co-workers to help in the realisation of this desire.

In response to this, we have undertaken the task to partner with God in prayers over this fasting period to see His kingdom enlarge; however our commitment to this task, must go beyond simply praying: “Lord, please make it happen in Jesus’s Name”.

We have to work smart!

We need to understand and work with the knowledge of the critical truth expressed in our first scripture for today — we would be dealing with people whose minds have been blinded by the enemy, in order to prevent them from receiving the truth of the gospel that can save them and set them free; and then, some are bound and need to be loosed even after they get saved, in order to remain in the kingdom.

Our Task

Our Task today will be to use the authority that God has given to us in Christ Jesus, to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of realising the objective. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Let’s go in the power of the Holy Ghost and see His kingdom come as souls are saved and added to His kingdom!

Prayer Focus

• Pray for the minds that have been blocked in resistance to the gospel to be opened and to become responsive to the truth.

• Take authority over the lies of the enemy and cast down every imagination and knowledge that are being exalted above the word of God.

• Unlock the prison doors of the strongholds that have kept the people bound, then loose the chains and set the captives free

• Pray for God to provide opportunities and to orchestrate situations to witness the gospel to the unsaved.

• Call forth the souls into God’s kingdom and also into our fellowship.