Yes, We Can

Scriptures For Meditation: Deuteronomy 1:6-8; 19-36; Num 13:25-33

The first of today’s scripture texts gives us a background that provides a deeper understanding of the text that we meditated on in yesterday’s blog (Numbers 13) — It tells us that the idea to go and spy out the land did not come from God, but from the Israelites, who because of their inability to take God at His word and step forward into their possession, asked for Moses to organise for men to go ahead of them to advise them what was the safest and best way forward. (Deuteronomy 1:20-22)

As soon as they took their eyes off God and instead trusted in the arm of flesh to guide them, they forefeited the ability to see with the eyes of faith, what God had promised them. Consequently, when the advance party went into the land, they saw the giants bigger than the promise, and their own limitations more real than the ability of the God that had spoken the promise!

What Are Your Giants?

Everyone of us on the way to fulfilling our prophetic destiny or accomplishing a divine purpose, will be confronted by giants that will stand between us and what God has promised us—

That seemingly insurmountable obstacle, that law or system that rigidly stands as an obstacle to the vision, that boss, influence group or powerful cabal that actively resist your progress, the unfavourable economy or the crippling lack of resources that threaten to abort the destiny; what are your giants?

As a Bible commentator said:

“Unbelief never lets us get beyond the difficulties—the impregnable cities and the impossible giants. It preoccupies itself with them, brooding over them, pitting them against mere human resources.

Faith, on the other hand, though it never minimizes the dangers and difficulties of any circumstance, looks away from them to God and counts on His invisible presence and power.”

Dear friends, my admonition to you today by the Spirit of God is this:

Don’t allow what your eyes see, to affect the word that your heart had believed! “

As Caleb and Joshua did —They looked at God’s power and not at their’s, or the people’s limitations! (Num 13:30; Jos 14:7-8)

Look beyond the giants and up unto the God who had promised; He is faithful who had promised, and He’s well able to deliver on His promises!

How Big Are Your Giants?

Whilst the other spies compared the giants with themselves and the giants loomed large, Caleb and Joshua—compared the giants with God, and the giants were cut down to size. “The Lord is with us,” they said. “Do not be afraid of them” (Num. 14:9).

Prayer Focus

In Jos 14:7, Caleb gives us an insight as to why he was able to see and to say different to the other 10 spies —

“I was forty years old when Moses the servant of the LORD sent me from Kadesh Barnea to explore the land. And I brought him back a report according to my convictions…” NIV

What are your convictions about what God had said to you? What are your convictions about the promise you had believed?

  • Pray to God to enliven your faith and to refresh your vision.
  • Pray for God to breathe life again upon your convictions.
  • Pray that He will give you the grace to see as He had said, so you can begin to speak a good report about your destiny according to the convictions of your heart concerning His faithfulness.


Pastor Wale Ola