“You are loosed from your infirmities”

Scripture For Meditation —1Kings 18:41-45; Romans 10:17

Listen Again

Yesterday’s blog ended with this admonition —

“Remember what God had said to you, and keep declaring that reality, until the situation aligns with, and agrees with the word that you had believed.”

The title of the blog; “Speak Again”, was really an expansion of Romans 10:17 that tells us: “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

In other words, the persistence of faith and the ability to keep speaking and to stand on the word that we have believed, is based on our ability to hear what God is saying or what He had said about the situation at hand.

So, What Can You Hear; What Did You Hear God Say?

In today’s scripture for meditation, Elijah was confronted with a situation that tested his faith and persistent commitment to the word that God had spoken to him.

In 1Kings 18:1-2, the bible tells us —

“Some time later, in the third year of the famine, the LORD told Elijah, “Go, make an appearance before Ahab, so I may send rain on the surface of the ground.” So Elijah went to make an appearance before Ahab.”

In response to this word that Elijah received from God,

“He told his servant, “Go on up and look in the direction of the sea.” So he went on up, looked, and reported, “There is nothing.” Seven times Elijah sent him to look.” 1Kings 18:43

Elijah could have given up after sending his servant to go up the mountain six times, for the sign of the rain that God had promised:

Six times, the servant went and looked, and each time he returned with the discouraging news:

There is NOTHING! Zilch; Nada, Zero…!

However, in spite of the negative report that his servant repeatedly brought back to him, Elijah sent the servant back the seven times, because he was so sure of the word that God had said to him; God had promised to send rain upon the land to end the drought, and he wholeheartedly believed it would happen as God had said!

Each time Elijah would send him back – Go Look Again! Elijah persisted; and do you know what? God fulfilled His promise of rain; just like He said it would happen! Hallelujah!

Maybe like that servant you have looked to see the change that has been prophesied and all you can say is There is Nothing! Or you may be Elijah who has declared what God said, and the report that you keep hearing is: There is NOTHING!

Dear child of God, I ask you now — Are you able to keep standing on the word that God had spoken to you in spite of the repeated negative reports that you have been getting?

Are you able to keep believing and looking out for that change in spite of the “fact” that you can see nothing in the horizon?

I bid you dear Saint in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Don’t you dare give up on God! Before you think of giving up; Listen again; Look again! You will be surprised by what you will hear God say to your spirit!

I hear the sound of an abundance of rain…

Can you hear it too?


Prayer Focus

Ask God to close your ears to the sound of discouragement, the mocking voices, and the distracting noises around you.

Pray that God will open your ears to hear with the ears of the Spirit, and to understand what He is saying to you right now.

Declare into your season: Discouragement and setbacks will not be my portion in this new season in Jesus Name.

Declare to yourself, my expectations will not be disappointed and my hope will not be cut off, delayed, nor fail in Jesus’ Name.

Are there any unfinished assignments that have you left undone and walked away from in defeat? This cycle of defeat has to be broken off your life! Ask God to breathe a fresh breath of life into you to revive your dreams and your passion again.

Ask God to deliver you and the helpers that He has assigned to help you, from the operation and influence of every disabling spirit that the enemy has commissioned to hinder you.

I am standing in faith and believing God with you, that you will see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living.

Stand strong in faith and keep rejoicing and praising His Name. Amen.

Pastor Wale Ola