“You are loosed from your infirmities”

Scripture For Meditation —John 11:41-44; Ps 18:18-33

Bound Feet

Continuing from our meditation yesterday, the second part of Lazarus’s body that was also bound by the graveclothes were his feet.

Similarly, just as with the hands, this can also figuratively be paralleled with negative spiritual influences that hinder a person’s progress in life.

The feet can represent the steps that a person takes as he moves to accomplish a task, or move from one place to another in the pursuit of a purpose.

When one’s feet are bound spiritually, the person is prevented from making progress in their lives; they are constantly mired in the place of stagnation, and find it hard to get ahead in life. They find the pathway to advancement persistently blocked and tortuous with constant strife and contention dogging their way.

It seems that every time they plan or try to move forward, something happens to resist or prevent the move; there’s just no way to place their feet to move forward or upwards!

If you can relate to that or know anyone that fits that profile, our prayer today as we fast, is to petition God for a change to your situation.

Again, Jehovah Elohim has given a divine command on your behalf; a heavenly mandate has been issued to the helpers to come to your aid and unravel the graveclothes that have bound your feet.

He will do in your life as the Scriptures declare in Psa 18:33 —

“He makes my feet like  hinds’ feet [able to stand firmly and tread safely on paths of testing and trouble]; He sets me [securely] upon my high places.”


Pastor Wale Ola

Prayer Focus

Pray first, that God will disentangle your feet from every besetting sin that has wound itself around you and easily trips you up.

Pray that God will free your feet from every chain and shackles that the enemy has used to bind you up.

Pray that God will deliver you from every snare that the enemy has set along your paths to entrap you.

Pray for God to strengthen your feet and cause you to stand on firm ground and to walk upon your high places in Jesus’s Name.

Pray that God will order your steps and cause you to walk along the paths that He has ordained for you.

Pray that every obstacle along your path will be removed and that God will give His angels charge over you to protect you, and prevent you from dashing your feet against the stones of opposition and hinderance.

Pray that you will advance and make good progress towards the fulfilment of destiny in this new season, and that you will recover lost ground in Jesus’s Name.