More Than Conquerors

Scriptures For Meditation: 2Cor 4:8-18; Rom 8:31-37

As we said in yesterday’s meditation, the reality of life for many believers, is that there is a warfare that we are engaged in, fighting for the fulfilment of God’s purpose for our lives.

That being said however, there is a greater reality that tells the story of the victory that Christ has already won for us on Calvary’s cross.

Even though we may be getting buffeted and suffering in many ways on the battlefield, rather than being casualties of war, we are meant to be more than conquerors as the word of the Lord has declared us to be.

We are going to stand strong today in spite of the disappointments, and the delays; we are going to defy our struggles and declare as Paul did:

This one thing I do:

• I will not let the story of my past define my present.

• I will not let my history define my future!

• I will speak up and change the narrative of my story!

•I am not who my history says I am

•I am not who my circumstances say I am!

•I am a victor and not a victim; I am blessed and not cursed.

Prayer Focus:

Dear Lord, I pray that every area of my life will align with the declarations that I have made today.

I pray that church and every area of my life, will be removed from the power and influence of whatever satanic strongholds that may have limited us in any way.

I pray that every plan of the enemy concerning the church, myself and my household in the month of March will be frustrated and aborted in Jesus’s Name.

I pray dear Lord, that your counsel concerning us for the month of March will be fully realised.

I pray that the story of my life will change to agree with what you have written concerning my destiny.


Pastor Wale Ola