Empowered To Prosper

Scriptures For Meditation: 1Chr 4:9-10; Gen 1:26-28

What does it mean to be blessed?

Very often when we think about the word “blessing”, many of us have been conditioned to think about it from the perspective of “things”; things being material possessions, or tangible tokens that we can identify as advantageous additions to our lives.

However, that is a very limited way of thinking about blessings — A blessing is not really what you have; it is a mantle that God puts on you to accomplish a purpose; a divine enablement that He bestows upon you to position you to possess what you need to accomplish your assignment.

The tangible “things” that you see are actually just the manifestation of the blessing of God upon your life.

In the Beginning

In the book of Genesis, we are told that the first pronouncement that God made over man was a blessing. God first blessed man and then He gave him an assignment to do. It was the initial blessing that enabled man to accomplish / fulfil that mandate.

In our other scripture today (1Chr 4:9-10) Jabez understood that the way out of the limitations and agonies of his life was not in things, but first in him experiencing an “indeed blessing” from God!

He probably suffered from low self-esteem caused by the label his own mother gave him, but he broke through the wrong identity given to him by calling on the God who made all of mankind to change the story of his life.

And the bible records that God granted him his request!

Dear friend, I prophesy into your life in Jesus’s Name, that God is about to change the story of your life as He grants you your request and favourably answers your petitions.

Prayer Focus

Let’s also pray as Jabez prayed:

• In his prayer, Jabez asked God to undo and nullify the label that was given to him and which had been a yoke around his destiny.

• He prayed to God to have the negative prophetic declaration on his life to be countered — that the ungodly and negative declarations over his life pronounced in his name to be negated and canceled.

• He prayed to God to “Bless me indeed” — Not just a request for God to bless him with things, but rather, with an empowerment to prosper.

• Then he petitioned God to manifest the tokens of blessings in his life

• He prayed for enlargement of his territory — a prayer against limitations, restrictions and stagnation

• He asked for God’s abiding presence — a prayer for favour and grace

• He asked God to “Keep me from all trouble and pain” — a prayer for protection, change and restoration.

• Pray these also concerning the church, and prophetically into the month of March in Jesus’s Name.


Pastor Wale Ola