Get Your New Wineskins ready!

Scripture For Meditation: Mark 2:21-22; Ps 90:12-17

As we wait on the Lord over the next three days, we will be paying into the theme of the messages that God has been speaking to us about change.

God has been speaking to us over the past few weeks, that He is about to do a new thing.

However, in order for us to be able to experience or indeed accommodate the “New Things” that God is about to do, we will need to get new wineskins ready for Him to use!

For the “new things” that you are believing God to do in your life in this season to manifest, God is waiting for you to get rid of the old Wineskins and present new ones that can receive and retain the fresh outpouring of the His Spirit that is necessary to facilitate the change for the season.

What Are These Old Wineskins?

• Our old Wineskins could be old attitudes and mindset that cannot handle the new things that God wants to do.

• They could be old structures that we have become accustomed to and which have become inflexible to change;

• Old ideas or habits

• Relationships that have run their course and need to end, but which we are trying to drag into the new season of our lives.

• The old Wineskins could also be people who have refused to change their outlook from the past to align with the new things that God has begun to do in your life, in a place or even in their own lives.

• Unscriptural Cultural dispositions and Customs —

  • Some of these old wineskins could even be customs that have been passed down through the years which worked well in the past, that we have not bothered to question or review, and have become de rigueur in our lives, yoking us to the memory of the past!
  • methods that have become stale and devoid of life, with no room for movement or change—

I’m talking about those Old Wineskins that have reached their limit of use, and cannot accommodate the vibrancy and effervescence of the new things that God is about to do.

The challenge of today’s message for you as you wait upon the Lord is fasting and prayers:

To uncover and confront every area of your life that the Holy Spirit is demanding and convicting you to change.

Q. What will you do about those old Wineskins?

These old Wineskins will stand in the way of your destiny; they can limit your progress or hinder what God wants to do in this new season of your life!

Don’t become so insensitive to the changing demands of this season, that you miss the opportunities for growth and progress that the new season may be offering to you.


• Dear Heavenly Father, please open my eyes to see the old Wineskins in my life that are hindering or can hinder the outpouring of Your promised blessings into my life.

• Show me where I need to change and what I need to change in order to prepare for the new things that You want to do in my life.

• Give me the new Wineskins appropriate for the new things that you are doing in my life in this season.

• I pray that You will give me the grace, the boldness and the courage to be able to address the limitations of the old Wineskins, and to remove them from my life, that I may receive Your promises in Jesus’s Name. Amen.