Back To Where We Began

Scriptures For Meditation: Acts 2:42-47; Matt 9:35-38

One of the most significant changes that the body of Christ is experiencing in these times, is the proliferation of home churches across the nations of the world.

Even though we call it a “change”, it is actually a reversion to what the church was, how it began in the early days of the New Testament Church. Because of the persecution of Christians by the Roman rulers, worship service took place mainly in private homes, as described in the book of Acts of the Apostles.

As a result of the lockdown and social distancing directives in response to the pandemic, every church has had to adapt its operations in order to be able to deliver mission objectives and fulfil ministry vision. The hardest hit area has been the physical gatherings in designated church buildings and public meeting rooms.

Church Without Walls!

Disruptive as this may be, the church is nevertheless experiencing a sort of revival in close-group fellowship and a sense of “community” in relations, and then there’s the increased opportunity for outreach and evangelism as people are turning to or looking up to God.

It is now somewhat easier to get otherwise uninterested people to “attend” church services from the comfort of their homes online, without the “awkwardness” they might have experienced if they were to attend a live meeting. The walls have come down!

Friends, as Jesus said in our scripture for meditation today, the harvest is truly plentiful and the opportunity to bring the souls into God’s kingdom abound at this time!

As you believe God for those “new things” that you want to see happen in your life; please actively believe God also, for “New Things” that He can do through your life, business or ministry for the growth of His kingdom!


Today’s prayers will be focussing on believing God to open our eyes (individually and corporately), to see the new things that we need to align with, in order that God’s purpose for this season might be fully realised.

Let’s pray that God will anoint and bless the different social media platforms that we are using in these times to share the gospel.

Pray for a quickening in your spirit as God stirs up a passion to see souls added to His kingdom daily and the strategies to make it happen (both as an individual and as a church).

Pray for the walls that had limited or hindered us in anyway to come down.

Pray for multiplication even in these times; that the Lord will bless this ministry and prosper the work of our hands in Jesus’s Name.