Just A Thought

Scriptures For Meditation: Eze 20:30; Zec 9:10

Eze 22:30 “I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land. I searched for someone to stand in the gap in the wall so I wouldn’t have to destroy the land, but I found no one.”

This session brings us to the final cycle of the 3 cycles of 26 days that God laid on my heart for us to fast and pray for the nation.

Looking back from when we started, it is interesting to see how each cycle has dovetailed into poignant moments in the affairs of the nation.

The first cycle coincided with the weekend that our Prime Minister was hospitalised for Covid-19 infection and also recorded the worst death rate throughout the whole pandemic.

The second cycle coincided with the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on the decision on the way forward concerning the lockdown. And this third cycle that begins today, now coincides with the beginning of the ease of lockdown measures, and a potentially combustible situation with the protests, riots, looting and deaths happening all around America.

Yes, we listen to the news and think America, so far away from us…

Just How Far Away Is Far?

Just spare a moment’s thought if you will; when the outbreak of the pandemic began, we watched the news and thought…”China; thank God, so far away…”.

And then it got to Europe; but even then, Spain, France and Italy were not part of the Uk; so it was still something we just watched on the news; background noise on the telly as we went about our business; something we talked about in passing, maybe with an occasional cursory acknowledgement of the people that died —It was still reasonably far away from us; until it was not!

But please spare a moment’s thought if you will.

What if the riots are not as far off as we think? What if there were to be a filtering through of the sense of injustice and the burning angst against the inequitable social justice system and perceived racism to the ethnic minority groups in different spheres of life in this nation?

What if what’s happening now in America kicks off something here in our nation too?

What if someone dear to you were to be on the receiving end of a fatal act of injustice? Would it be “near enough” then for you to sit up and take notice?

We started these cycles with a scripture from Ezekiel 22:30, and we are ending with the same verse of scripture.

God is still looking for someone to stand in the gap so that the land will not be destroyed. He’s waiting for someone to help rebuild the wall of righteousness.

Will that person be you?

Prayer Focus

George Floyd should not just be the name of a random person that just happened to be on the receiving end of the fatal miscarriage of justice — he is someone’s son, father, brother, uncle, nephew or friend. He is a part of someone’s family that is now broken and stricken with grief. He is a life that will never fulfil its full potential. He is one for whom the bell has tolled.

Saints, let’s remember his family, and the families of those that have lost loved ones to acts of injustice and racial bias.

Let’s pray concerning what is happening in America right now; let’s speak peace over the nation and pray that God will cause righteousness to flow like a river over the land.

Let’s pray that God will shut the mouth of the devourer heal the wounds and the hurts of the oppressed, and still the rage of the vengeful.

Let’s pray for this nation that God will protect us from the looming unrest and still the roaring of the waves of discontent.

Let’s pray that God will give the government wisdom to navigate the next steps in our post-covid recovery process.