A Reason To Be Thankful

Scriptures For Meditation — Gen 1:1-4; 1Thes 5:18

The birth of our world began with the most chaotic mess that the universe will ever experience – void of God’s presence, devoid of His glory, bereft of His structure and order; and then there was the utter unimaginable darkness, that enveloped the mess that then was the earth.

Maybe you can identify in one way or the other with those absences in your life right now – the mess, the void, the darkness, the hopelessness.

But see one thing, even as woeful as things appeared to be at the scene, the Spirit of God was still there, hovering over the surface of the waters. Then God spoke the word: “Let there be light”; and there was light. It was a good light. Then God began to separate the light from the darkness…disorder and chaos gave way to divinely structured order. Where once there was a void, His Shekinah Glory became preeminent.

This can be the story of your life in the coming year. God wants to create a miracle out of your disappointments, a river of joy out of the tears of frustration and despair that you have cried.

He himself has said that He will never leave you nor forsake you. His Holy Spirit is hovering over you right now, hovering over that situation, waiting for the word of the Lord to be released over you, so that He can act upon the word – He watches over His word to perform it!

That is why with that knowledge, what He is asking you to do today, what we are going to do today the second day of our fast, is to spend quality time thanking God.


We thank Him for what He has done so far; that we are even alive to see this day, for His mercies and grace upon our lives, for keeping us in His love.

We thank Him in advance for the promises and victories of the coming year, believing Him when He said in His word, that the glory of the latter days shall be greater than the former!

We thank Him not only for being alive, but more importantly, being alive in Christ. That we are still standing, and we have not lost our praise, that our faith in Him has not failed!

Find something specifically in your life or family that you want to thank God for.