End of Year Fasting and Prayers (Days 7 – 18)

End of Year Fasting and Prayers (Days 7 – 18)

Speak Forth…

Scriptures For Meditation — Ps 139:15-16; Matthew 6:9-13; Matthew 18:18-20

Welcome to Day 7 of our 21-day fasting and prayers.

Over the next 12 days, we will be praying prophetically into each of the months of the coming year from January to December, focusing on each month on each day.

As the Bible says of our God in Psalm 139:15-16,

You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Every single on of our days was fashioned by God before we were even born. Think about that for a moment — God, the Architect and Builder of our lives, had His Masterplan and the divine script for our lives drawn out before we came to be physically.

That’s why the Bible says in Romans 4:17, that God brings the dead back to life and He creates new things out of nothing — He calls the things that do not yet exist as though they were. Because He speaks according to what He had already purposed concerning that thing.

With that understanding, we must realise that 2020 did not catch God unawares, and the coming days in 2021 and even up till eternity have been intricately mapped out in His divine plan, and that He has an agenda already established for your life as His perfect will for you to fulfil.

Let’s all come together and stand in agreement, as we pray for the will of God concerning us to be fulfilled in Jesus’s Name.

Prayer Guideline For Days 7-18

1. As we pray Into 2021, we will be praying that our lives will agree with, align with and mirror only what God has ordained for us as His perfect will for the year.

2. We will be praying for the nation in which we live, that the policies and governance will favour us and our wellbeing.

3. We will pray that God will honour His word (Ex 23:25) that He will bless our bread and water and take sickness away from our midst, and keep our households safe from all sickness and affliction.

And also, we will pray that as the inevitable economic effects of the pandemic begin to manifest in different areas of the economy, God will preserve us, protect and cover us from these negative effects, and prosper the work of our hands and bless our labour in Jesus’s Name.

4. We will pray for the establishment that we work with, institution /school that we study in or the industry that we are a part of, that God will grant us favour to excel, prosper and walk upon our high places.

5. We will pray for God to bless the ministry of this church, direction for the leadership, spiritual, numerical and material growth and tangible impact and effectiveness in the ministry and lives of our church family.

6. We will also intercede for every member of this church and their household, for God to keep, protect and prosper them, and work miracles in their lives to answer the petitions that they have long believed God for, in 2021

7. We will stand in agreement with our brethren, that 2021 will be a year of unparalleled favour, advancement and prosperity in Jesus’s Name.

8. We declare that our lives are hid with Christ in God; we speak the peace of Christ into every month and pray for God to frustrate every plan of the devil to steal, kill or destroy.

9. Bring your personal prayer requests before God; ask Him for clarity of vision and His direction for your life for the year 2021.

10. Pray For the release of all the resources that you need for His will to be fulfilled in your life and for your vision for the year to be accomplished.

11. Listen to the Holy Spirit and write down what He will will minister to you as you pray.

12. End each day with prophetic declarations about how your life will be, how this ministry will be and how your nation will be, thanking God for answering the prayers that we have brought before Him.


Pastor Wale Ola

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End of Year Fasting and Prayers (Day 6 of 21)

End of Year Fasting and Prayers (Day 6 of 21)


Scriptures For Meditation — Habakkuk 3:19; Phil 2:9-11; Eph 2:4-6

We have talked about two kinds of high places in the past two days — the high places from where demonic altars and powers of darkness operate, and the High Place were the Lord God almighty is seated on His Throne in majesty above the heavens.

Today we’ll be looking at another high places that the bible talks about in Habakkuk 3:19 —

The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.

This verse of scripture short as it is, powerfully captures a statement of faith by prophet Habakkuk, who had in the preceding two verses spoken a declaration of his trust in God, even in spite of contrary situations. Here, he tells us the reason for his unshaken confidence in God —

1. The Lord God is my strength.

This is an acknowledgment of Jehovah as the Source of His sustenance. Even if the harvest were to fail and the storehouse were to be empty, he was confident that his sustenance will not be determined by these things, as Jehovah would take care of Him and uphold him.

2. He will make my feet like hind’s feet.

Hinds (deers) are gifted with sure-footed ness as they navigate the rocky terrains of the mountainous heights that other animals can’t reach.

The Hind is a very graceful animal that glides through rocky obstacles effortlessly and purposefully. Habakkuk was declaring here that God would make his feet suitable for both the task and the terrain he has to pass through.

3. He will make me walk upon my high places.

As the deer bounds up those hills, due to its purposely adapted feet, it is secure and safe because it’s adversaries are unable to pursue it onto the heights that it can reach.

Friend, there’s a high place in Christ that God has prepared for you. A place where the enemy cannot follow you into. It is a place of security, promotion and advancement; it is a place of victory and a place of Holiness. And you will get there in Jesus’s Name because God has prepared you specially to fulfill your purpose and bring glory to His Name.


Pastor Wale Ola

Prayer Focus

Let’s also make the declarations that Habakkuk made in this text. He is your strength and your buckler.

Ask him to make you sure footed as you navigate the path that He has ordained for you to walk in.

Pray that He will take you far above the reach or sight of the enemy and cause you to walk upon your high places as He has written concerning your life.

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End of Year Fasting and Prayers (Day 5 of 21)

End of Year Fasting and Prayers (Day 5 of 21)

Jehovah El-Elyon

Scriptures For Meditation — Judges 6:25-28; Phil 2:9-11; Eph 1:19-22

In yesterday’s blog, we spoke about the“high places” of the powers of darkness and Satan’s inordinate ambition and his abject failure to exalt himself and his throne above God’s dominion and authority.

The bible tells us that our God, Jehovah, is the Most High God. There is no throne or dominion or kingdom that is higher than His Authority. He is the Creator, Controller and Possessor of all things visible and invisible. His Majesty is unparalleled and His Power is without limits.

Concerning His Son Jesus Christ who He has made to be the heir of all things, the Bible also tells us that—

God elevated him to the place of highest honor and gave him the name above all other names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Phil 2:9-11)

And again, that He is head over all principalities and powers and thrones and dominions.

So when we prayed yesterday for God to take down all the demonic altars that are operating against us from the high places of the powers of darkness, we are praying from a position of authority and assured victory because we speak and stand in the Name of Jesus.

God told Gideon —

Jdg 6:25 That night the LORD said to Gideon, “Take the second bull from your father’s herd, the one that is seven years old. Pull down your father’s altar to Baal, and cut down the Asherah pole standing beside it.

Jdg 6:26 Then build an altar to the LORD your God here on this hilltop sanctuary, laying the stones carefully. Sacrifice the bull as a burnt offering on the altar, using as fuel the wood of the Asherah pole you cut down.”

Jdg 6:27 So Gideon took ten of his servants and did as the LORD had commanded. But he did it at night because he was afraid of the other members of his father’s household and the people of the town.

Jdg 6:28 Early the next morning, as the people of the town began to stir, someone discovered that the altar of Baal had been broken down and that the Asherah pole beside it had been cut down. In their place a new altar had been built, and on it were the remains of the bull that had been sacrificed.

Friends, it is not enough for us to just take down the Satanic altars; we must also replace them with a new altar to the Most High God —

There cannot, must not be a “power vacuum” in our lives!

Prayer Focus

Today, we are going to raise an altar to the One and only True and Living God on the high places, give Him the highest praise and worship and bring our sacrifices of thanksgiving to Him.

First, let’s pray for ourselves, what Paul prayed for the Church at Ephesus —

Eph 1:19 I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him. This is the same mighty power

Eph 1:20 that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms.

Eph 1:21 Now he is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else—not only in this world but also in the world to come.

Eph 1:22 God has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made him head over all things for the benefit of the church.

Let’s lift up our voices and declare His majesty over every area of our lives.

Let’s enforce His authority and victory over our lives and every situation that we may be going through.

Let’s pray that every contrary situation in our lives and household will bow before the awesomeness of His power and align with His counsel concerning our destinies in Jesus’s Name.


Pastor Wale Ola

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End of Year Fasting and Prayers (Day 4 of 21)

End of Year Fasting and Prayers (Day 4 of 21)

Tearing Down The Strange Altars

Scriptures For Meditation — Judges 6:1-27; 2Kings 23:1-8; Eph 6:12

Welcome to Day 4 of our corporate fasting and prayers. Over the next 3 days, we will be dealing with High Places, as a preparation to praying and prophesying into each month of the coming year 2021, from Day 7.

Today, the focus will be on tearing down the altars on the high places of the kingdom of darkness.

As the bible tells us in Eph 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

In bible times, the priests and worshippers of the demon gods would often situate the altars to their deities on the high places. This is also in keeping with the desire of Satan to exalt his throne above the throne of God as the bible tells us in Isaiah 14:12-17

Isa 14:12 “How you are fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world.

Isa 14:13 For you said to yourself, ‘I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God’s stars. I will preside on the mountain of the gods far away in the north.

Isa 14:14 I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High.’

Isa 14:15 Instead, you will be brought down to the place of the dead, down to its lowest depths.

Isa 14:16 Everyone there will stare at you and ask, ‘Can this be the one who shook the earth and made the kingdoms of the world tremble?

Isa 14:17 Is this the one who destroyed the world and made it into a wasteland? Is this the king who demolished the world’s greatest cities and had no mercy on his prisoners?’

As we read in our opening two Scriptures today, in both Gideon’s and Josiah’s lives, tearing down of demonic altars and getting rid of tokens of idolatry were the precursors to revival and restoration.

Today, we will be doing the same. We are going to tear down every demonic altar from which the enemy has been speaking against our lives and destinies.

We will also allow God to search our lives and expose whatever altars we may ourselves have built in our lives that have empowered the works of darkness in, or against us.


Pastor Wale Ola


Let’s ask God to reveal whatever has become an idol in our lives that is hindering our walk with Him or His work in our lives.

Let’s repent and remove every token of idolatry from our lives —Those things that have taken the place of God in our lives; those things that have stood between us and the will of God, preventing us from giving Him all the worship and adoration that are due to Him.

Let’s also ask that God will remove us from the influence of whatever satanic altars that may be active and operational in our family lines that are working against us, and are opening us to demonic Interference. (We saw how Gideon suffered the consequences of this in his life until God instructed him to tear it down)

Let’s pray that God will frustrate and destroy all the works of the enemy that he has fashioned against us, and let’s declare by faith, that it is only the counsel of the Lord that will stand in our lives and in our household in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s thank God for coming to our aid and for protecting and delivering us from the plans and wiles of the enemy against us.

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