February Fasting and Prayers — DAY 1

February Fasting and Prayers — DAY 1


Main Scripture For Meditation— 1Kings 8:33-53

Focus For This Month

Our fasting and prayers for this month will focus on combining a few of the things that God has been saying to us over the past few weeks.

He has spoken to us about our responsibilities as priests, about Streams of Healing flowing into the land, and at last Friday’s prayer service, we saw how God intervened in the affairs of a besieged nation by coming through for them miraculously to turn around a long-standing dire situation overnight.

Each of the the three days of our prayers will Focus on three areas respectively:

Our Land (Country / Nation)

Our Homes (Families / Marriages / Children / Businesses/ Careers; etc)

The Church (Universal / Local Assembly / Ministries)

What touches the nation affects the homes, what affects the homes reflects on the church and vice versa!

Priests Over The Nations

We will be standing as priests on behalf of the nations, our homes and the church to ask that God will cause the streams of Healing to flow over and into these areas.

We will petition God to bring healing and turn around those situations that have brought pain and discomfort, especially those long standing issues that have challenged the truth of God’s word and prophecies concerning our lives.


Pastor Wale Ola



Additional Scriptures For Meditation: 2 Chronicles 7:11-16; Jer 29:7; Ps 67:1-7

A Prayer for Mercy

• Let’s confess and repent of our sins and failures as priests, humble ourselves before God, and then, let’s stand in the gap for the nations and ask God for mercy.

• Let’s cry out to God to heal the nations not just from the physical / medical effects of the plague, but even so, the consequential or after effects on the economy and the people.

A Prayer For Refreshing and For the Restoration of God’s Grace and Favour in our lives through the healing of the land.

• Psalm 67:1 — May God show us his favor and bless us! May he smile on us! (Selah)

• A Prayer for Refreshing Send rain on our dry land: Psalm 68:9-10

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

• Psalm 67:5-6 — Let’s spend some time in thanksgiving

A Prayer for Increase

•Then, let’s pray for God to cause the earth to yield its increase to us. That our nation will prosper again and our efforts will bear fruit.

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