Open and Aligned

Scriptures For Meditation — Matt 7:7-8; Is 64:1-4

A few years ago, I had a dream of a big funnel filled with oil that was pouring down from heaven to earth.

It was a continuous stream of oil that was flowing out of the funnel, and as I followed the path of the stream, I saw that there was a big container – a bucket, at the bottom of the flow that was meant to collect the oil.

However on looking closer at the sight I was seeing, I realised that the container was slightly misaligned off from the spout of the funnel, and the oil that was meant to be flowing inside the container was actually being wasted, pouring on the floor around the bucket instead.

As I meditated on our fasting and prayers theme for this month, the Holy Spirit reminded me of this dream again, using it as a follow up to the prayers that we prayed last month.

Divine Alignment

Last month, the theme of our prayers was open heavens. We prayed that God will Open the Heavens over us and our households in every area of your lives.

But as God reminded me in the dream that I shared above, it is indeed possible for the Heavens to be open and for God to be pouring out oil from the funnel of His blessings, but for our container to be out of alignment and not be receiving the intended blessings.

On this first day of our fasting and prayers, we will be praying a prayer of Divine Alignment.

I pray that God will hear and answer our prayers speedily in Jesus’s Name.


Pastor Wale Ola

Prayer Focus

• Let’s start by thanking God for the open heavens over our lives, acknowledging by faith that we believe He heard the prayers that we prayed last month.

• Let’s ask God to show us areas of our lives that the enemy may be exploiting to accuse us before God or rob us of our blessings.

• Let’s confess and repent of any sin and plead the blood of Jesus over our lives.

• Let’s pray that God will reposition us correctly to receive the blessings that He has for us in this season.

• Let’s pray that God will reposition the people and the resources that are meant to be the vessels of our blessings in the places that they will be aligned to deliver what God has purposed for us.

• Let’s pray that our containers (whatever these may represent in our individual lives – our jobs, ministries, businesses, careers, projects, plans, ideas, proposals, etc) will be in perfect alignment with the funnel of God’s blessings that we are meant to be receiving.

• Let’s pray for the restoration of everything that we have missed out on because of us being out of alignment with the plans, will, purpose and provisions that God intended for us.

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