Open Gates, Open Doors

Scriptures For Meditation — Isaiah 60:11-12; Matthew 16:18-19; Rev 3:7

The Bible in many verses particularly in Old Testament prophecies, would often refer to gates and doors.

Figuratively, both gates and doors can refer to control of access or right of passage. So, the person that has the keys to the gateways and the doorways gets to decide what comes through those access ways.

One of the consequences of open heavens is uninterrupted or unhindered access to provisions or supplies. Whether they be spiritual, material, physical or otherwise —This means open gateways and doorways.

When Jacob had his dream of open heavens at Bethel, one of the things that he declared was: “This is the gate of heaven..!” (Gen 28:17)

In our first scripture reference for today (Is 60:11-12) which is a follow up to the earlier prophetic instruction to Zion to arise out of darkness (Is 60:1-10), God promises Zion that her gates would not be shut, but be open continually so that her supplies may come in unhindered.

In our second scripture (Matt 16:18), Jesus declares that the “gates of hell” shall not prevail against the establishment and advancement of His Church, and Rev 3:7 tells us why — He is the One that holds the keys to the gateways and the doorways!

Keys denote power, authority and control; all of which are vested in Christ Jesus and have been made available to us as redeemed children of God, through His sacrifice on the cross of Calvary.

Let’s begin by thanking God for the provision that He’s made for us in Christ Jesus.


Let’s use the keys that He’s given us to block and destroy every gateway through which the enemy has, has had or plans to have access into our lives, family, or to impair our destiny.

Let’s pray for the gateways and the doorways that God has ordained for our blessings and provisions to be opened in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that God will open miraculous doors of favour, promotion, breakthroughs, provisions and deliverance for us and every member of our families in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that in the month of May, the Way maker will make a way for us, and that He will empower us to enter in through those gateways and doors that He will open for us, to fully appropriate our blessings in Jesus’s Name.

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