July 2021 Fasting & Prayers — Day 3

July 2021 Fasting & Prayers — Day 3


Scriptures For Meditation — Ecc 8:4; Mark 11:22-24

“Where the word of a king is, there is power; And who may say to him, “What are you doing?”

“Where the word of a king is, there is power…”

Waiting for direction for our concluding prayers on the last day of this month’s fasting and prayer, the first part of our scripture for today (Ecc 8:4) was what kept ringing in my spirit —

As the Amplified version of the bible puts it:

“the word of a king is authoritative and powerful…”.

There is great power in the word of God! The prophets of the Old Testament times exhibited a profound understanding of this truth, as they would usually preface a prophecy to the people with the phrase:

“Thus saith the Lord”;

and the Lord would back up the words that He gave them to speak in His Name, by His miraculous power!

We read about Ezekiel commanding the dry bones to hear the word of the Lord and come to life; God also commanded him to prophesy to the mountains and hills of Israel and to call out to every kind of bird and all the wild animals.

Elijah declared to the skies to withhold rain for three and a half years. Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it obeyed; He spoke to the seas and the winds, they obeyed; He called out to Lazarus, dead four days and stinking; Lazarus came back to life —

And the NLT version puts it this way:

“His command is backed by great power. No one can resist or question it.” Ecc 8:4

Even death and the grave could not resist the power and authority of the word of His command.

As the bible tells us in Heb 1:3, He upholds all things by the word of His power. Hallelujah!

With all these in mind, we will open our mouths and declare God’s counsel and blessings over and into the month of August, concerning every area of our lives, church and family.

Come, Bless the Lord

Psa 134:1 A Song of Ascents. Behold, bless the LORD, All you servants of the LORD, Who by night stand in the house of the LORD!

Psa 134:2 Lift up your hands in the sanctuary, And bless the LORD.

Psa 134:3 The LORD who made heaven and earth Bless you from Zion!

Prayer Focus

Open your mouth wide and prophesy into the month of August.

Declare that it is only the counsel of the Lord that will stand in your life, family, household, business, ministry, education, etc.

Petition God for, and declare open heavens over the month of August.

Prophesy divine alignment of your life with the resources, provisions and blessings that God had purposed for your season.

Prophesy the opening of the miraculous gateways and the doorways of blessings, favour and breakthroughs for yourself, your household and the church family in Jesus’s Name.

Let God fill your mouth with praise as you thank Him in advance for answering your prayers. Amen.

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July 2021 Fasting & Prayers — Day 2

July 2021 Fasting & Prayers — Day 2

The Seed of Greatness

Scriptures For Meditation — Gen 12:1-3; Gal 3:7-9, Gal 3:16;26-29; Eph 3:20

In Gen 12:1-3, the bible records one of the greatest promises that any man would ever receive from God.

God had previously had a conversation with Abraham, where He made some promises to him. Gal 3:7-9 expands on these promises, and verses 16;26-29 bring the point home.

In Christ Jesus, we are the seed of Abraham and joint heirs with Christ of the promises that God made to Abraham — the seed of the greatness that God promised Abraham is also in us!

Let’s Look At What This Seed of Greatness Promises Us

God said to Abraham:

• I will make you a great nation — Multiplication (Calling the things that did not yet exist as if they already did!)

• I will bless you — Anointing (empower you with all you need to be all I’ve called you to be)

• I will make your name great — Power and Renown

• You shall be a blessing — Prosperity

• And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed — Overflow and Influence

Beyond Limits

As we can see, the promises that God made to Abraham were not to be limited or contained just to himself alone; it was to be an overarching blessing that would overflow into generations and also into nations, benefitting many beyond his immediate sphere of influence.

We will be praying today as we wait on the Lord in fasting, that He will take the limits off our lives and off our minds, such that we can receive all that He wants to do in us, so that we can accomplish all that He wants to do through us.

Take the limits off me Lord!

Let’s pray for a fresh infilling and overflow of the Holy Spirit into our lives, homes businesses, ministries, jobs, in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that we will see and experience the evidence of this filling in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that God will activate the seed of greatness that is in us through our faith in Christ Jesus.

Let’s pray for the release of all the promises that are contained in that seed, so that the blessings of Abraham may be truly ours as God has promised. (Multiplication, anointing/divine enablement, power and renown, prosperity and influence).

Let’s pray that our lives will align with God’s agenda for the month of August, and for every limitation that has set us back to be taken out of the way in Jesus’s Name.


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July 2021 Fasting & Prayers — Day 1

July 2021 Fasting & Prayers — Day 1

Filling Empty

Scriptures For Meditation — Ps 42:1- 11; Ps 51:10-12; 2 Cor 4:7-18

A few weeks ago, God was speaking to us about the need to come to Him empty so He could fill us to use us.

We saw how so many things could fill our lives to the extent that they displace God from being preeminent in our lives.


God’s continued charge to us, is to be intentional about being emptied of anything and everything that has taken over our hearts and filled His rightful place in our lives.

This will be our first area of focus as we begin this month’s fasting and prayers — Emptying ourselves before God; doing a spiritual de-cluttering and asking God to retake His place and build His throne in our hearts, so that He can reign and rule unequivocally over our lives.

Another Kind of Emptiness

We also talked about another kind of emptiness that is undesirable, which believers may sometimes experience in their walk with God — the sinking feeling that we cannot connect with God; where He feels so far away from us and distant. We just can’t seem to feel His presence or hear His voice.

In the frustration of our situation, our Christian life has become stagnant, lifeless and empty of true fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

What a dreadful experience this is for anyone who goes through times like this!

Panting Hard After God

The Psalmist was experiencing such a season in his life as was recorded in Ps 42 that we are meditating on today.

In his case, his “emptiness” had been enforced on him as he was made to run into exile and take refuge in a strange land. Deprived of his ability to come before the Lord and worship in the house of the Lord like he would normally do (Ps 42:4), he lamented the distressing emptiness that his soul felt with his separation from God in worship.

Maybe like him, you are also going through these emotions in your life at this time. Maybe you are in the middle of an experience or situation that has taken you away from worship, or is hindering your fellowship with God from being vibrant and with the same fervency or regularity that you once enjoyed.

Deep Calls Unto Deep

It is time for deep to call unto deep — Deep despair reaching out unto the vast depth of the love and power of God to pull you up and out of that valley onto the heights of His tender mercies and lovingkindness.

Cry out like the Psalmist did:

Why are you in despair, O my soul? Why have you become restless and disquieted within me? Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him, for I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God. (Ps 42:11)

Pray this prayer for yourself or for anyone in your family, circle or church that may be going through this at this present time.

The Lord isn’t finished with you yet and He definitely hasn’t forgotten you!

You will yet praise Him; the Lord will perfect all that concerns you and cause you to walk upon your high places in Jesus’s Name.


Pastor Wale Ola

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