The Seed of Greatness

Scriptures For Meditation — Gen 12:1-3; Gal 3:7-9, Gal 3:16;26-29; Eph 3:20

In Gen 12:1-3, the bible records one of the greatest promises that any man would ever receive from God.

God had previously had a conversation with Abraham, where He made some promises to him. Gal 3:7-9 expands on these promises, and verses 16;26-29 bring the point home.

In Christ Jesus, we are the seed of Abraham and joint heirs with Christ of the promises that God made to Abraham — the seed of the greatness that God promised Abraham is also in us!

Let’s Look At What This Seed of Greatness Promises Us

God said to Abraham:

• I will make you a great nation — Multiplication (Calling the things that did not yet exist as if they already did!)

• I will bless you — Anointing (empower you with all you need to be all I’ve called you to be)

• I will make your name great — Power and Renown

• You shall be a blessing — Prosperity

• And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed — Overflow and Influence

Beyond Limits

As we can see, the promises that God made to Abraham were not to be limited or contained just to himself alone; it was to be an overarching blessing that would overflow into generations and also into nations, benefitting many beyond his immediate sphere of influence.

We will be praying today as we wait on the Lord in fasting, that He will take the limits off our lives and off our minds, such that we can receive all that He wants to do in us, so that we can accomplish all that He wants to do through us.

Take the limits off me Lord!

Let’s pray for a fresh infilling and overflow of the Holy Spirit into our lives, homes businesses, ministries, jobs, in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that we will see and experience the evidence of this filling in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that God will activate the seed of greatness that is in us through our faith in Christ Jesus.

Let’s pray for the release of all the promises that are contained in that seed, so that the blessings of Abraham may be truly ours as God has promised. (Multiplication, anointing/divine enablement, power and renown, prosperity and influence).

Let’s pray that our lives will align with God’s agenda for the month of August, and for every limitation that has set us back to be taken out of the way in Jesus’s Name.


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