Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord!

Scriptures For Meditation — 2 Cor 4:4; 2Cor 10:1-5; Eph 1:17-19

Following on from the sermon that was preached last Sunday, we will begin this month’s fasting and prayers with a cry to the Lord to open the eyes of our understanding to receive the truth of His word.

In 2 Cor 4:4, we see one of the main strategies of Satan in his warfare against mankind — to becloud people’s minds with the veil of darkness in order to prevent them from imbibing the truth of the gospel that will set them free, in the case of unbelievers, or to hinder them from walking in the fullness of their freedom when they do get saved!

There are many born again, Spirit-filled believers who despite their love for God and sincerity of their faith, are nonetheless, struggling in their walk with God in some area or the other. And then, there are many of us as well, who know that we could still go deeper and get more intimate in our knowledge of God.

2Cor 10:1-5 talks about the reality of this warfare that the believer is engaged in, then gives us an insight into the weapons that we have in Christ Jesus that guarantee our victory in this battle.

Four Principal Focus Areas of Warfare

The passage also highlights four principal ways that the weapons help us to confront and overcome the enemy, so that we are able to enforce our victory as believers:

• Strongholds are brought down

• Arguments are refuted

• High Things are dismantled

• Thoughts are held captive and brought under subjection to the word of God.

Prayer Focus

Let’s begin by praying as Paul did in Eph 1:17-19, asking God to unveil our minds and to fill our hearts with His glorious light.

Let’s pray that whatever veil the enemy has used to cover our understanding be removed, so that we can know God even more clearly and be more intimately acquainted with Him.

Let’s pray that every stronghold that the enemy has erected in our lives to resist our growth in the Lord and progress in our walk of faith will be demolished in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that God will shut the mouth of the accuser and refute every argument that the enemy has raised in contention against us in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that every high thing that has been raised to resist the true knowledge of God be dismantled and made of no effect in Jesus’s Name.

Let’s pray that every contrary thought that is not in alignment with the will, plans, purposes and the truth of God concerning our life be arrested and brought under subjection to the authority that we have in Christ Jesus.

Let’s finish by rededicating our lives to God, and asking Him to fill us afresh with the knowledge of the greatness of His power, so that we can walk in the fullness of His call upon our lives and fulfil the purpose for which He has created and saved us.