Scriptures For Meditation: 2 Peter 1:1-4; Eph 1:1-6

Following the 24 hour prayer chain that we did last month, God has been speaking us extensively about one of the key prayer points that we raised in intercession – Fulfilling His Redemptive Purpose for our lives.

Over the next three days of our waiting on the Lord, we will be praying along this theme, in addition to the prayer points that we prayed for the prayer chain.

GOD’S PLAN – A Kairos Appointment

Each one of us has a divine assignment that God intends for us to accomplish. 

This assignment will often span the different seasons of our lives, and will have different, smaller  component parts of a “Big Picture”; things that happen in our day-day experiences, that all add up to the call on our lives being fulfilled at God’s appointed time.


God has also equipped us with everything that we need to ensure that His purpose for our lives is realised – You are in a glorious, empowered partnership with God — 2 Pet 1:3-4

The Enemy’s Strategy – John 10:10

The enemy works at cross purposes with God’s intention for our lives. He tries to hinder, abort or destroy his purposes from happening in our lives by employing a few  demonic strategies:

•   Stop the resources from getting to you that you need to carry out your assignment

•   Stop you from getting into your sphere of influence or the place of your assignment

•   Limit your influence if you manage to get there

•   Frustrate your purpose, by raising opposition, contention, strife, delay, disfavour, fear, doubt, unbelief and the like, to cause you to let go of the promise and give up on the pursuit of purpose and fulfilment of your destiny.

DAY 1 Prayer Focus – Countering All The Moves and Plans of The Enemy Concerning Your Destiny.

Let’s begin by thanking God for the year so far, and for month of March in particular.

Rededicate your life to Him and let’s consecrate ourselves for this time of fasting and prayers.

Let’s pray in the Name of Jesus, that the Holy Spirit will open our ears, hearts, minds and eyes to receive from the heart of the Father.

Pray for God to subvert and cancel every plan of the enemy that he’s launched against you and your destiny starting with the ones highlighted above.

Let’s also pray that there will be a manifestation of the fulness of the resources that God has equipped you with, and made available to you to fulfil your destiny (As defined below):

The word “Equip” means:

• To furnish or to make fit for service or action by appropriate provisioning;

• To provide with something for a specific purpose;

• To enable or provide with abilities or understanding

• To train

• To prepare and make fit for purpose

Pray that all these will be so in your life.

Spend some time to also lift up your brothers and sisters in church and in your family, and intercede on their behalf, praying the same prayer points as above.


Please remember to join us online on Zoom every morning during the fasting for morning devotion from 6:00am – 6:30am.