There is a place for you in ministry at GLA.
Whether it is to be ministered to, or for you to
use your gift in service to the Lord and others.
Explore the three areas available to you:
FAITH CLASSES Join a study group and grow your faith! JOIN A LIFEGROUP Strengthen Your Christian Walk in Fellowship DISCOVER PURPOSE Explore Opportunities To Serve The Lord With Your Gifts

Our Vision

Building Leaders, Changing Our World

The GLA Lighthouse Family is a gathering of people who love the Lord, and just want to be used by Him to extend His Kingdom here on earth! We are a growing church established in London – UK in 1997 as a Mission Plant of Guiding Light Assembly Lagos, a ministry which is under the general oversight of Pastor Wale Adefarasin.

GLA UK is Pastored by Pastors Wale and Elsie Ola, supported in ministry by a leadership teamof an associate Pastor, Trustees, Elders, Deacons and Ministry Associates leading different ministry teams.

Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to help you to discover and fulfil God’s Purpose and Agenda for your life

We believe that EVERYONE has got a unique Gift / Calling from God – God has put something in you that can be a blessing to His Kingdom.

We believe that NO ONE can do better than you, what God has called YOU to do.
We believe that God has provided a “Sphere of Influence” or mission field peculiar to your calling, where your gifting or ministry can be Relevant, Functional and Effective. You just need to discover it!

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Our Beliefs

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Leadership Team

Next Steps

Our Beliefs & Values

Our ministry at GLA aims to:
REFRESH YOU – We seek to provide an enabling environment that will help to minister to you at the point of your need; to bring refreshment to your spirit, soul and body, ministering healing, deliverance and restoration through the preaching of the Full Gospel of Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit.
REVIVE YOU – Ignite, Revive or “provoke” a passion for God in you.
RELEASE YOU – Challenge you to discover ways to make your Christianity relevant, functional and effective wherever you may be; whether in the mainstream “CHURCH” environment, or in your sphere of influence.
We seek to minister to you, so you can be freed, walking in liberty to minister to God, and then equip you to minister to “your world” – in your mission field!
Come and be part of the GLA Family; join with us to do this work that God is doing in and through our ministry!


We believe that God the Father – the Creator of heaven and earth, who made man in His own image and likeness; God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, are one.



That Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.



As the infallible and authoritative word of God, given to direct all.



Which is a gift from God through grace and faith in Jesus Christ; that all who believe in Him may be saved by turning from sin to repentance and trusting in His death and resurrection, are born again by the Holy Spirit.


We believe that every Christian convert should be baptised in water by total immersion as a public declaration of His identification with Christ in his death, burial and resurrection; Also every believer should seek and expect to be baptised in the Holy Spirit as a distinct experience of empowering for Christian life and service and as a gateway into the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2.38-41, Rom 6.3,4, Acts 1.5,8, 2.4, 10.46.


We believe in the manifestation of the fulness of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as declared by the Word of God in 1 Corinthians 12– We believe that the abiding and empowering presence of the Holy Spirit is still available to every believer in this present dispensation to equip and anoint us for Christian living and Kingdom service. We believe that God still performs miracles, and works in and through the lives of His children through the divine influence and power of the Holy Spirit. 


We believe in the progressive work of grace in a believer known as sanctification, which commences at the time of new birth and continues through life. Sanctification is a separation from that which is evil and a dedication to God, thereby developing holiness and christlikeness in character and lifestyle.



We believe that there is only one true Christian Church with Jesus Christ at its Head, which is made up of all those who have been born again by the Holy Spirit. The Church in its many different expressions, is served by divinely called, anointed and appointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers and other ministries, and it will become mature and fulfil the Great commission of world evangelism before the end of this age.


Which was shed for us on the cross at Calvary, cleanses us from all sin and grants us access into the presence of God.


That Jesus was crucified for the sins of mankind on the cross at Calvary, he died, was buried and rose from the dead on the third day; He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father.


That Jesus will come again to earth in glory, and the dead in Christ will rise first, and those who are alive in Christ will be translated into the presence of God for eternity.


“Our passion is to connect you with the living and powerful God, in a real and personal way.”

– Pastor Wale Ola (Lead Pastor)