2018 Fasting & Prayers — Day 3

Pulling Down Strongholds

Scriptures For Meditation:  2 Cor 10:3-6; Eph 6:10-19; Luke 11:21-22

Warfares are a normative reality in the life of a believer.  We will all go through seasons when we would need to “fight the good fight of faith” as it were, taking a stand on the word of God as we reach forward for His promises concerning our destiny.  (more…)

2018 Fasting & Prayers – DAY 2

Count Your Blessings

Scripture For Meditation: PSALM 103:1-5; PSALM 100:4-5

For some of us, the period leading to the end of the year is sometimes the least likely for us to be in a thankful mood.

We get so consumed or overwhelmed by the expenses that invariably come with the season and maybe contrast these against the backdrop of unfulfilled expectations and disappointments of the outgoing year, and wonder if there is anything really to be thankful for. (more…)

2018 Fasting and Prayers – DAY 1

Lord I’ll Wait

Scripture For Meditation: Isaiah 40:25-31; Hebrews 11:6

O…Not another end of year fasting and Prayers!

How long…?

Is that how you feel about the call to fast and pray over the next 21 days? 

If not yourself, I can guarantee that there is at least one person reading this (or most likely not reading this), who may feel or think that way. (more…)