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We have a strong passion to be a community-centric church, with a ministry that impacts our local neighbourhood and beyond, by having the capacity to be more readily accessible to those who need our ministry in a visible, tangible and consistent manner.

Your support will be greatly appreciated!

We are using this opportunity to ask for your kind assistance in helping us to realise our dream by giving financially towards our ministry operations / administration.

There are different levels to this giving opportunity, and we would welcome any level of support from you in partnership with the vision of the ministry. We hope you will be able to support us in some way.

How You Can Give

Periodically (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)

You can choose to give a periodic sum in support of the general operations / Monthly outgoings of the ministry, or if you prefer, you can give towards offsetting a specific item of cost that you may feel led to, as often as God will enable you to. 

One-Off Donation

You can also choose to give a one-off sum in support of the ministry, or to help offset a particular cost component in our operations, projects, events, or proposed ministry initiative of securing our permanent place of worship.

We pray that God will prosper you to enable you to do what you have purposed or desired to do in support of the work of His kingdom, and that He will continue to bless you as you give towards this cause, and multiply the seed you have sown abundantly in a return harvest to you in Jesus’ Name

You Can Also Give Online

You can click the button below to give securely online.

Our payment portal offers you an easy and convenient way to manage your donations to the ministry. You can make one-off donations or set up a standing order for regular or periodic donations directly from here.


You Can Donate Using Our Mobile Payment Terminals

You can use your mobile devices to donate at any of our meetings or church services.

Please let an usher know if you would like to donate or give your offering using your card or device.



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SUPPORTING GLA Different ways you can give to the Ministry There are different ways available for you to give your donations to GLA, if you would like to support the ministry financially. You can give digitally through our secure online platforms or physically using any of the highlighted mainstream methods.
May God bless you abundantly as you give towards supporting the work of His Kingdom, in Jesus' Name.
Give Online Through the Church Website You can give online through our secure website portal at (
Click on the "DONATIONS" button, fill in your details, and enter the amount that you would like to give. You can also securely save your details to make it easier and faster the next time you wish to make further donations.
Standing Order Regular Direct Debit Payments If you would like to donate regularly, you can set up a standing order / direct debit mandate with your bank, online at:
or or even easier, through the donations portal on our website.
Bank Transfer Direct Payment Into Church Account You can use your banking facilities to make direct payments into the GLA Church Account at your convenience.
Please email if you would like us to send you the bank account details to make the payments into, remembering to tell us what you are designating the donation for.
Donation Envelope Cash, Credit Cards & Cheque Payments You can physically make donations by filling in your details on the Tithes & Offering Envelopes at any of our services or church events. Donations can be made by cash, cheque or credit/debit cards. GLA Web App Coming Very Soon... We will be launching our ChurchApp on both the Android and iOs AppStores shortly. You will soon be able to download the app and make donations through the "Giving" portal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need To Give?

In addition to hosting normal church services and engaging in activities aimed at furthering our ministry initiatives (such as community outreaches, hospital and prison visitations, career counselling, youth mentoring projects, leadership training, etc), our lack of a permanent place of ministry has immeasurably hampered our ability to deliver a more effective and coordinated service to our local community, or engage in much required residential outreach activities such as running a soup kitchen, homeless projects and running a food bank, drop-in programmes for counselling, single mothers or the aged, programmes which the less-privileged or needy people in the community can greatly benefit from.

We need your financial support and your generosity to carry out these ministry initiatives and fulfil the ministry vision!

What If I Have No Cash On Me?

If you have no cash on you onsite at any of our services or events, in addition to being able to use the online donations portal, you will also have the opportunity to use our Square ©Mobile Payment Terminal.

You can use your Chip and Pin Cards, Mobile Phone, Smart Watch or any capable Mobile Device to make debit or credit card payments, “Tap to Pay” contactless payments, Apple Pay or Android Pay donations.


How Do I Give For Specific Ministry Needs?

You can make donations towards specific ministry needs by using our online donations portal.

Please click  the image below to go to the portal and use the drop down list to select your desired item to support.

Can I Give Regularly Through Standing Order?

Yes you can!

The easiest way to do this is to use our online payment portal to set up your recurrent donations.

Is There A Minimum Amount That I Need To Give?

No, There is absolutely no minimum amount that you need to give!

Feel free to give as you are able to, according to the measure that God will enable you to.